Dan Kurland - Stone Carver


Michelangelo is said to have written: “Every block of stone has a statue in it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” It’s not that simple.

Yes, carving is an act of discovery as much as of creation. What and how I carve is influenced -- at times determined -- by the shape, color, and texture, and even imperfections, of the particular stone. But the artist obviously plays a critical role.

The artist’s job is to create and refine a sensibility, a feeling, a reflective moment within the final image. I may certainly attempt to instill/evoke a particular meaning or emotion but I cannot mandate the viewer’s response, and may not even be consciously aware of my intentions.

I find the best art is often ambiguous and thought provoking, unsettling or enigmatic, and, like life itself, often surprising and even humorous.

Finally, the joy of stone carving for the carver is not so much in the destination, as in the journey: Creating a piece of art from a rock.

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